Blue Jays fan hit in head with foul ball gets own Topps trading card

A Toronto Blue Jays fan that took a 110 mph foul ball of the head is getting a consolation prize.

The fan, who later identified herself as Liz McGuire, shared gruesome photos of her injury on social media after being struck by a foul ball hit by shortstop Bo Bichette in the Blue Jays’ 4-3 loss to the Tampa Bay Rays at Rogers Centre on Friday.

‘Hey @BlueJays I got my face mashed in by a 110mph foul off Bo Bichette’s bat,’ McGuire wrote in a viral post that showed the extent of her injuries. One photo showed McGuire with a baseball-sized lump on her forehead, while another photo showed off her gnarly black eye after the swelling went down. She continued, ‘I didn’t even get the ball. I even stayed till the end of the game. Any way you can hook a girl up?’

In a statement to local news station CTVNewsToronto, the Blue Jays confirmed they did indeed hook McGuire up with some merchandise and offered her some tickets and a signed baseball following her injury.

That’s not all. Topps produced a custom trading card to salute McGuire.

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‘We produced exactly 110 copies, and we’re gifting them all to @lizzzzzzzzzzy. Liz, you’re a champ!’ the trading card company announced Monday on X, formerly Twitter. McGuire replied, ‘PROPS TO @Topps THIS RULES.’

McGuire explained that the foul ball ‘went over the mesh,’ referencing protective netting put in place at ballparks to prevent such accidents.

‘It was so fast! i just turned away for a second,’ she wrote on X, adding, ‘I dont think i could’ve stopped even if I tried.’

McGuire wrote that she was tended to by the Blue Jays medical staff and went to the emergency room after the game, where the deemed she had no fractures or concussion: ‘Face scans came back a-okay!!’

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