Which teams have advanced to NCAA baseball tournament super regionals?

After 64 teams started the 2024 NCAA Division I baseball tournament, only 16 will remain.

The regional round is wrapping up and tickets to the super regional round are being punched Sunday and Monday, making teams one step closer to reaching the goal of the Men’s College World Series in Omaha. Only one team will emerge from each of the 16 four-team regionals, setting up eight best-of-three series next weekend.

Here is who has made the super regional round, and what to know for the next set of games that will determine who will make it to the College World Series.

2024 college baseball super regional teams

No. 1 Tennessee (won Knoxville regional)
No. 2 Kentucky (won Lexington regional)
No. 3 Texas A&M (won Bryan-College Station regional)
No. 8 Florida State (won Tallahassee regional)
No. 6 Clemson (won Clemson regional)
No. 7 Georgia (won Athens regional)
No. 10 NC State (won Raleigh regional)
No. 12 Virginia (won Charlottesville regional)
Kansas State (won Fayetteville regional)
West Virginia (won Tucson regional)
Oregon (won Santa Barbara regional)

2024 college baseball super regional matchups

No. 1 Tennessee vs. Greenville regional winner (Tennessee hosts)
No. 8 Florida state vs. Norman regional winner (Florida State hosts)
No. 12 Virginia vs. Kansas State (Virginia hosts)
West Virginia vs. Chapel Hill regional winner
No. 2 Kentucky vs. Corvallis regional winner (Kentucky hosts)
No. 7 Georgia vs. No. 10 NC State (Georgia hosts)
No. 6 Clemson vs. Stillwater regional winner (Clemson hosts)
No. 3 Texas A&M winner vs. Oregon winner (Texas A&M hosts)

When is 2024 college baseball super regionals?

The complete dates and times for the super regional matchups haven’t been announced yet. But the best-of-three series will be from June 7-9 or June 8-10.

When does 2024 Men’s College World Series start?

The 2024 Men’s College World Series will begin June 14. The finals will be a best-of-three series that will be played from June 22-24.

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