Trump says he has UFO files – will he be asked about it at debate? ‘Inject UAP into…elections,’ institute says

Former President Trump admitted he has UFO files ahead of Thursday’s showdown with President Biden. But would he release them to the public? 

That’s the question fueling the ‘#DisclosureDebate’ social media campaign to urge the debate moderator to include UAPs (unidentified anomalous phenomena) in this week’s showdown.

‘The next president of the United States will make critical decisions about UAP (unidentified anomalous phenomena) disclosure and government transparency,’ New Paradigm Institute Chief Counsel Daniel Sheehan said.

‘It’s time for all presidential candidates — Joe Biden, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Donald Trump — to commit to UFOs/UAP disclosure and transparency … Regardless of political affiliation, the time has come to inject UAP into the political discourse of our elections.’

Trump was a guest on Logan Paul’s YouTube podcast, ‘IMPAULSIVE,’ last week, when they covered a wide range of topics.

The Republican contender for Commander-in-Chief was asked if he was a believer, and if he had access to UFO-related files. 

‘I met with pilots [who looked] like beautiful Tom Cruise but taller — handsome, perfect people,’ Trump told Paul. ‘And I looked at these guys, and they really mean it.’

Paul asked, ‘But don’t you have access to that information?’

‘I have access, and I speak to people about it, and I’ve had actual meetings on it,’ Trump responded, ‘And they will tell you there’s something going on…

‘People that are really smart, really solid said they believe there is something out there.’

The New Paradigm Institute, a nonprofit advocating for UFO transparency, started the social media push weeks ago, and tamped up its efforts as Thursday’s face-off gets closer. 

Sheehan said on X that they’ve sent communications to over 100,000 people ‘to contact not only the campaigns of the three major candidates, Biden, Trump and Bobby Kennedy,’ but also the debate moderators.

He referred to the debate as the ‘perfect forum’ to let the American public know where each candidate stands on the issue. 

‘So they’re getting lots and lots of requests to ask this question,’ he said. ‘Our representatives need to know that their constituents demand an open and transparent government.’

‘They spend all this time telling us they don’t exist, then release the files, dagnabbit.’ 

—  Rep. Tim Burchett, R-Tenn.

The UFO topic has been an ongoing subject of interest in Congress, with a bipartisan effort, including new laws and under-oath hearings, where whistleblowers have come forward.

David Grusch, a former U.S. intelligence officer and Air Force veteran, told lawmakers in a public hearing that the government ‘absolutely’ has alien technology and ‘biologics’ of ‘non-human origins’ and knows the exact locations where they’re being held. 

Sen. Chuck Schumer proposed a bipartisan UFO disclosure bill, which was passed with the new budget, but the legislation still puts the power in the president’s hands to classify or keep specific records sealed.

Nothing has happened during Biden’s term in office. There is currently a congressional bill on the table that would give federal agencies 270 days to release classified files on UFOs and dump them into one declassified pool of information. 

The bill was sponsored by Rep. Tim Burchett, R-Tenn., who told Fox News Digital in a previous interview that UFO files, right now, are ‘so compartmentalized that we’ll never get to the bottom of it.’

He said nothing will happen until a president ‘says enough is enough’ and declassifies everything.  

‘They spend all this time telling us they don’t exist, then release the files, dagnabbit,’ Burchett said. ‘We just got to put this stuff out. Let’s clear the air. And let’s move on.’

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