Watch: NBA All-Stars face off during ‘WWE SmackDown’

Tyrese Haliburton won the first matchup against Jalen Brunson in the Eastern Conference semifinals when the Indiana Pacers defeated the New York Knicks in seven games.

They continued their beef Friday night during ‘WWE SmackDown’ at Madison Square Garden.

‘We may need to get some security out here,’ a FOX broadcaster quipped as the two NBA All-Stars looked each other up and down.

Escobar was the first wrestler eliminated after Paul threw him over the ropes.

Haliburton went to assist Paul during the match, retrieving a pair of brass knuckles from the crowd. Haliburton put on the brass knuckles and banged on the metal steps leading into the ring.

Enter, Brunson.

He hopped out of the crowd to confront Haliburton on the side of the ring to prevent Haliburton from giving the brass knuckles to Paul. Referees had to separate the two. LA Knight eventually defeated Paul by submission.

After the match concluded, Paul and Haliburton engaged in a stare down with LA Knight. Brunson jumped to the rescue again and entered the ring this time with a steel chair. They all chirped at each other before Paul and Haliburton eventually backed down and jumped out of the ring.

Fans at Madison Square Garden started chanting ‘MVP’ for Brunson.

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