Olympics bound: All the podium finishers at the US track and field trials

It’s an Olympic year and you know what that means: It’s time to get ready to watch a lot of track and field, and root for the red, white and blue. 

The U.S. Olympic track and field trials started June 21 and concluded Sunday, June 30. Athletes in Eugene, Oregon, competed for spots on what is widely considered the hardest roster in the world to make: Team USA. 

The Trials featured some of the biggest names in sports, from Sha’Carri Richardson to Noah Lyles to Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone. New stars are sure to emerge, too. 

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USA TODAY Sports was on the ground in Eugene providing updates on the all finals results. Bookmark this page to see how your favorite athletes finished and who’s headed to Paris for the 2024 Olympics. 

Below is a list of finals events, which will be updated with athletes who qualify for Paris.

Friday, June 21

Men’s 10,000 meters

First: Grant Fisher, 27:49.47
Second: Woody Kincaid, 27:50.74
Third: Nicolas Young, 27:52.40

Saturday, June 22

Women’s triple jump

First: Jasmine Moore, 46-9½
Second: Keturah Orji, 46-8
Third: Tori Franklin, 45-0¼

Men’s shot put

First: Ryan Crouser, 74-11¼
Second: Joe Kovacs, 73-7¼
Third: Payton Otterdahl, 73-0½

Men’s Decathlon

First: Heath Baldwin, 8,625 points
Second: Zach Ziemek, 8,516 points
Third: Harrison Williams, 8,384 points

Women’s 100 meters

First: Sha’Carri Richardson, 10.71
Second: Melissa Jefferson, 10.8
Third: Twanisha Terry, 10.89

Sunday, June 23 

Women’s hammer throw

First: Annette Echikunwoke, 245
Second: DeAnna Price, 244-6
Third: Erin Reese, 233-7

Men’s pole vault

First: Sam Kendricks, 19-5
Second: Chris Nilsen, 19-3
Second: Jacob Wooten, 19-3

Men’s javelin

First: Curtis Thompson, 272-5
Second: Capers Williamson, 261
Third: Donavon Banks, 259-9

Women’s 400 meters

First: Kendall Ellis, 49.46
Second: Aaliyah Butler, 49.71
Third: Alexis Holmes, 49.78

Men’s 3,000-meter steeplechase

First: Kenneth Rooks, 8:21.92
Second: Matthew Wilkinson, 8:23
Third: James Corrigan, 8:26.78

Men’s 100 meters

First: Noah Lyles, 9.83
Second: Kenny Bednarek, 9.87
Fred Kerley, 9.88

Monday, June 24

Women’s high jump

First: Charity Hufnagel, 6-4¼
Second: Rachel Glenn, 6-4¼
Third: Vashti Cunningham, 6-3¼
Third: Jenna Rogers 6-3¼

Men’s long jump

First: Jeremiah Davis, 26-11
Second: Malcolm Clemons, 26-10
Third: Jarrion Lawson, 26-10

Men’s 1,500 meters

First: Cole Hocker, 3:30.59
Second: Yared Nuguse, 3:30.86
Third: Hobbs Kessler, 3:31.53

Men’s 400 meters

First: Quincy Hall, 44.17
Second: Michael Norman, 44.41
Third: Chris Bailey, 44.42

Women’s 5,000

First: Elle St. Pierre, 14:40.34
Second: Elise Cranny, 14:40.36
Third: Karissa Schweizer, 14:45.12

Women’s 800

First: Nia Akins, 1:57.36
Second: Allie Wilson, 1:58.32
Third: Juliette Whittaker, 1:58.45

Tuesday, June 25

Off day, no events

Wednesday, June 26

Off day, no events

Thursday, June 27

Women’s discus

First: Valarie Allman, 232
Second: Jayden Ulrich, 205-5
Third: Veronica Fraley, 205-2

Women’s 3,000-meter steeplechase

First: Valerie Constien, 9:03.22
Second: Courtney Wayment, 9:06.50
Third: Marisa Howard, 9:07.14

Friday, June 28

Men’s 110-meter hurdles

First: Grant Holloway, 12.86
Second: Freddie Crittenden, 12.93
Third: Daniel Roberts, 12.96

Saturday, June 29

Men’s 20K racewalk

First: Nick Christie, 1:24:46
Second: Emmanuel Corvera, 1:30:15
Third: Jordan Crawford, 1:30:52

Women’s 20K racewalk

First: Robyn Stevens, 1:37:38
Second: Miranda Melville, 1:39:38
Third: Michelle Rohl, 1:42:27

Men’s discus throw

First: Andrew Evans, 218-6
Second: Sam Mattis, 216-9
Third: Joseph Brown, 215-10

Women’s long jump

First: Tara Davis-Woodhall, 22-11¾
Second: Jasmine Moore, 22-10¾
Third: Monae’ Nichols, 22-6¼

Women’s 200 meters

First: Gabby Thomas, 21.81
Second: Brittany Brown, 21.90
Third: McKenzie Long, 21.91

Women’s shot put

First: Chase Jackson, 65-11½
Second: Raven Saunders, 65-3½
Jaida Ross, 64-3¾

Women’s 10,000 meters

First: Weini Kelati, 31:41.07
Second: Parker Valby, 31:41.553
Third: Karissa Schweizer, 31:41.557

Men’s 200 meters

First: Noah Lyles, 19.53
Second: Kenny Bednarek, 19.59
Erriyon Knighton, 19.77

Sunday, June 30

Women’s pole vault

Bridget Williams, 15-6¼
Katie Moon, 15-6¼
Brynn King, 15-6¼

Men’s hammer throw

Daniel Haugh, 260-10
Rudy Winkler, 258-10
Justin Stafford, 258-10

Men’s high jump

Shelby McEwen, 7-6½
Caleb Snowden, 7-5¼ (Does not yet have Olympic standard)
(tie) Tyus Wilson, 7-4¼ (Does not yet have Olympic standard)
(tie) JuVaughn Harrison, 7-4¼

Men’s triple jump

Salif Mane, 57-5¾
Russell Robinson, 55-9¾
Donald Scott, 55-4¼

Women’s javelin

Maggie Malone Hardin, 211-10
Kara Winger, 206-6
Madison Wiltrout, 200-8

Men’s 5,000 meters

Grant Fisher, 13:08.85
Abdihamid Nur, 13:09.01
Parker Wolfe, 13.10.75

Men’s 800 meters

Bryce Hoppel, 1:42.77
Hobbs Kessler, 1:43.64
Brandon Miller, 1:43.97

Women’s 100-meter hurdles

Masai Russell, 12.25
Alaysha Johnson, 12.31
Grace Stark, 12.31

Women’s 1,500 meters

Nikki Hiltz, 3:53.33
Emily Mackay, 3:55.90
Elle St. Pierre, 3.55.99

Men’s 400-meter hurdles

Rai Benjamin, 46.46
CJ Allen, 47.81
Trevor Bassitt, 47.82

Women’s 400-meter hurdles

Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone, 50.65
Anna Cockrell, 52.64
Jasmine Jones, 52.77

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